Writing a bill of sale for a car

Rules for bills of sale vary from state to state. Step 2: Add a brief description.

free printable bill of sale for car

As-Is Sales Deciding whether to sell items on an as-is basis or with a warranty depends on the type of item being sold and whether or not offering a warranty makes financial sense for the seller. Once your bill of sale is complete and signed, visit your local county clerk or tax office to record the bill.

Free bill of sale template for car

Several states require that each party provide a phone number as well. In the description, you should also write in any identifying characteristics for the item, such as any special features on the car, any damage to the car, the color of the vehicle, etc. For used vehicles, this includes a variety of identifying information, descriptions of any problem areas on the vehicle, and who is or isn't responsible for them. In addition, include space for the address and phone number for the seller and buyer. Enter the purchase price in the first blank provided. Make copies of the bill of sale for the buyer and seller. Under the statement of oath, specify an area for the seller, buyer, and any witnesses including a notary public to sign and date. So what can you do to protect yourself and ensure the document you are creating is a binding agreement that will hold up in a court of law?

If you're selling a guitar, a bill of sale makes a lot of sense. Use a computer to make it easier to edit the document after you are finished.

First you need to establish the identity of both the seller of the car, whether that is you or the person you are buying it from. How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Car or Other Goods What You'll Need As a seller filling out your motor vehicle bill of sale form, you should have the following information available: Vehicle identification number VIN Make and model of the car Odometer reading Warranty information if any Payment details For other non-automotive property, you'll want to include an accurate detailed description of the item being sold, either within the sales agreement itself, or as an attached exhibit.

There are certain steps that must take place in order to make a bill of sale a legal document. Explains where and when the vehicle should be picked up by the Buyer.

If services are involved such as woodworking, babysitting, business consulting, etc. A bill of sale is a type of receipt used to transfer the ownership of an item.

Unlike other generic purchase agreement forms that you find online, our printable bill of sale will always give you the option of adding a warranty or as-is clause as you see fit.

In addition, you should have each person date the signature at the time of signing.

how to write a bill of sale for a car in california

These spaces allow you to describe fully the vehicle you are buying or selling.

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How to Properly Write a Bill of Sale to Make it Legal