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Fostering the open process. The more you add to the speech, the more you may get prone to making mistakes. A constant question that leaders — and members — of any group have is what to do about racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, especially in a homogeneous group where most or all of the members except the leader may agree with them.

Do not ridicule the idea or statement of another participant by referring to it as stupid. If you have any doubts regarding the subject, seek clarifications.

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Assertiveness, that is an ability to bring order to the group by handling the conflict is another desirable quality of leadership. The participants need to observe the group dynamics. The hairstyle also needs to suit the occassion. Use functional language Depending on the types of group discussions that you plan to do with your class, it is useful to draw up a list of useful functional language for the students to refer to.

Group discussion techniques pdf

GD involves a lot of group dynamics, that is, it involves both -person to person as well as group to group interactions. One may not take strong views in the beginning itself but wait and analyse the pros and cons of any situation. A good group discussion leader has to pay attention to the process and content of the discussion as well as to the people who make up the group. An effective group discussion can lay the groundwork for action and real community change. You could also try video-taping the group discussions and playing sections of these back to the class to analyse. A firm tone and a sober voice would also help in establishing oneself. In the case of group discussions for selection to jobs or educational institutes, make sure that you are dressed in formal attire. Don't get irritated. Your thoughts should be sensible and relevant instead of an irrelevant speech. So, let us get started. Your leadership and decision-making skills. In Public Speaking,the speaker is evaluated by the audience;however there is not much interaction between audience and speaker. Be assertive without being authoritative or dominating.

Do not speak irrelevant things. After announcing the topic, the total GD time, and explaining the general guidelines and procedures governing the GD, the examiner withdraws to the background leaving the group completely free to carry on with the discussion on its own without any outside interference.

You need to be creative and have to put points that might amaze the panel. I am sorry to interrupt but I have something very important to say.

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Be confident and pardon if you make a mistake while speaking.

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Group Discussion Topics: What is Group Discussion? GD Tips for MBA