Write a quadratic equation with imaginary numbers algebra

In cases such as this, when solving quadratic equations with non-real solutions, you learned that you can use the imaginary unit i to write the solutions of the quadratic equation as complex numbers.

solving quadratic equations with complex solutions worksheet

And standard form, of course, is the form ax squared plus bx plus c is equal to 0. Take note that we be simplifying complex numbers — so if you need a review of how to rewrite the square root of a negative number as an imaginary number, now is a good time.

And so our left hand side becomes 2x squared minus 6x plus 5 is equal to-- and then on our right hand side, these two characters cancel out, and we just are left with 0.

write a quadratic equation with imaginary numbers algebra

So we verified that both of these complex roots, satisfy this quadratic equation. Now what I want to do is a verify that these work.

complex quadratic equation

So the square root of negative 4, that is the same thing as 2i. The Quadratic Formula When solving a quadratic equation set equal to zero, as shown below, the solution sx, to the quadratic equation can be found using the quadratic formula.

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Quadratic Equations with Complex Solutions