Unit 3 assignment fourth amendment exceptions

If, for instance, more than one person owns a property, only one of those individuals must give consent Because automobiles are mobile, it is reasonable to assume that they would qualify as an exception to the warrant clause of the Fourth Amendment.

amendment 4a

Johnson, No. At the same time, effective law enforcement and maintenance of safe streets require that officers be granted some discretion to stop and question individuals whom they reasonably suspect to be engaging in criminal activity.

Unit 3 assignment fourth amendment exceptions

Costin, A. But if it was a regular Latino out there, we might have been a statistic that you talk about today, our brothers being shot without probable cause, or for any reason.

fourth amendment violation

Ganias, F. The population of Queens is approximately See also id. Constitution grants to every single US citizen. While it allowed law enforcement to do relatively precise tracking and to locate a person or item out of direct eyesight, it still required constant attention.

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Hiding in Plain Sight: A Fourth Amendment Framework for Analyzing Government Surveillance in Public