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This time I did restructure it slightly as I saw a better dramatic flow. Yes, it's as confusing as it sounds.

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And lastly: Ignore the rules. Readers hate cheap tricks. Be creative.

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Then another. And edit.

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RR: I write first thing in the morning. It was truly amazing how easily you seemed to slip inside his head. Aug 24, Eliana rated it really liked it A difficult but worthwhile read. Agent Donald Maass, who is also an author himself, is one of the top instructors nationwide on crafting quality fiction. I found an archaeological trip to northwestern Iraq — the same region as Haditha. In order to be effective as fighters, they need to be able to kill, in the fastest and most powerful way. Was the novel-writing in fact easier? It works if you make it believable in the universe of the book.

Perhaps a lengthy debriefing program for those returning from battle zones should be mandated. Begin with character. Right after breakfast I carry a mug of coffee into my study.

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I think a writer needs to exist alone with the work until it is done — anyway, I do. But killing another human being is not easy. It was a long tough road, but so, so worth it in the end! That is, until he comes across an old folk song that radically shifts the way he sees himself and his world. Shelves: historical-fiction Set during the Iran-Iraq war of the s this follows two authors on opposite sides of the conflict as they try to write a fictional account of the war plus one of them is asked to solve a murder in a prison camp. The act goes against a very old and very deep-seated resistance to killing our own kind. Selection began at birth […] [I]mperfect and weak infants were abandoned to die of exposure on a mountaintop. I wanted to go to Iraq, of course, to see for myself what it was like. Using history to twist the present, the dictator spouts a perverse moral relativism—all while his citizenry scratches for survival amid the ruins of lost technology. From hyperbole to conceit to metonymy and more, this list of terms and definitions is easy to read and will help you get a better understanding fictional writing. I felt such sympathy for Conrad. Then another. It wasn't the narrative style that bothered me, using characters in a story inside another story is a clever idea, but the wording and language itself didn't sit well with me.

I was viewed with grave suspicion for a number of reasons: I was a woman, and military culture is overwhelmingly male; I was a civilian, and military culture is intensely guarded toward civilians; and I was a novelist, and military culture is much more open toward nonfiction writers: reporters and journalists.

When a Marine offered to take me on a visit to Quantico I was thrilled — it was like being taken into the Vatican. Hadi Al-Attag is a scavenger who scours the streets of Baghdad during the U. Make her flawed and believable.

But this training, the persuasion that human life is valueless, also affects the soldier coming home.

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