Thesis about educational computer games

But it turns out that the kids really like the competition and the challenge in the games. For this reason, instructional and educational games are being used more and more by teachers.

Photo: Colourbox Computer games can improve teaching in schools Computer games add challenges and a competitive element to school teaching and that can improve the learning experience for the pupils, provided that the teachers join in the fun.

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Traditional game- and simulation-based learning applications have typically entailed mainframes, special interface equipment, and a years-long design, development and implementation process.

Video games may be more beneficial. Schoolchildren in a new Danish study reported that they learned more English from playing computer games than they did at school.

Results concerning the effectiveness of in-school physical activity in reducing BMI have been mixed. Computer games are frequently used in education as a way to enhance the learning process.

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Diwan, R.

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Educational Game Design Thesis