The transcendental concept in the worth of the individual

self worth vs self esteem

The basis of basic equality, by contrast, is the non-normative property in virtue of which we have this normative property; whether it be our shared rational capacity, humanity, empathy, having been made in the image of God or whatever else.

The problem with such composite concepts, therefore, is that they paper over the conflicts and inconsistencies between their more basic elements. According to the First Analogy, experience will always involve objects that must be represented as substances.

What determines self worth

The value of human life, in the face of competing considerations, is said to diminish or wane in quality to the point that intending death becomes a rational-choice worthy option. But, if we wish to live full and good lives, neither can we ignore the wisdom that the past affords. If it is for anyone, it is for God alone. It must open us to something larger than our concepts, for these arise from within the limits of the self. Equal weight, therefore, is a function that maps the value of things for any individual their individual good to that which is valuable in-and-of-itself the good in general. Is personhood, then, a dependent expression of the biologic state of human life, and not an intrinsic foundation of that life? Thus if the highest good in which happiness is proportioned to virtue is possible, then somehow there must be a way for the laws of nature to eventually lead to a situation in which happiness is proportioned to virtue. In attempting to subsume so much information under a single explanatory scheme, grand theories give short shrift to much of the rich detail of human experience.

Its objective is to explain the world, not to confer meaning upon it. But the Freudian mythology puts the matter better. He is trying, one might say, to work out a response to the problem of modernity T.

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And yet it is not by this process severed in fractions: it is slowly drawn out; and whilst thus extracted, it causes the last remnant to seem to be but a part of itself. The political rights of personhood seem to vest with viability.

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Resisting the Transcendental Temptation