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There is no color left in anything — not the people, not the plants, not the faces of mountains. It has a lot of relevance, however, to The Man and The Boy. I really loved scenes like the one in which the young girl's blind mother gets a wandering artisan to mend a precious piece of pottery, or the importance of cooking just the right kind of food to tempt the man you love, give this very beautiful film a depth beneath the apparently serene surface. They seem to like leather. The great experiment of the movie is that it hangs on nothing if not the subversion of the conventions of the genre. You cannot recognize enough to say where this is, but you recognize it. If it were not, "The Road" might be just another film of sci-fi apocalypse. In a land where food is scarce, wanderers seek out canned goods and fear their own bodies will perform this work for the cannibals. It is however a crowd-pleaser. It is powerful, but for me lacks the same core of emotional feeling. The film's locations were perhaps the least well-kept secrets in the marketplace of prerelease Web sites about the movie. GUYCO Originally published in the June issue At one point in The Road, a moment that is never otherwise explained or referenced, the father and the son stare at a dead forest as it burns. Habitations have been destroyed or abandoned, vegetation is dying, crops have failed, the infrastructure of civilization has disappeared.

This is a vision of the end. Before the question can be asked, Weinstein stands up, offers his hand, and says, "Okay, we're going with the first one.

The road home reaction paper

Burnt and sinewy in each scene, he registers a liquid panic in every glance at the woods and a sort of angry regret in every peek at the boy. I had no idea that it was going to gain the momentum that it did, become that talked about, that it would win the Pulitzer, get on Oprah. And here there's this total absence, this negation of explanation. I see festival films again whenever I have the chance. Not because it may be important. The Man has a gun with two remaining bullets. The fire leers profanely from one edge of the screen to the other. The Boy and The Man make their way toward the sea, perhaps for no better reason than that sea has always been the direction of hope in this country. It's all too easy to imagine how this material could be vulgarized, as Richard Matheson's novel was in the version of " I Am Legend.

And it hurts more than ever to care. The novel itself would not be successful if it were limited to its characters and images. Like: In the end, there's only one can of Coke. You don't have to have kids.

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Its effect comes above all through McCarthy's prose. Unwary couples will walk out. But it's awful, too, as in full of awe. The story of their courtship was known to all in the village, and one that Luo Yusheng had heard many times over.

The one great film of his work is the Coens' " No Country for Old Men ," but it began with an extraordinary character and surrounded him with others.

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They want for people to walk out of the theater feeling it in their chest plate.

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