The increase of teenage pregnancy essay

The increase of teenage pregnancy essay

These include a lack of education, financial security, mental, emotional, and to some extent physical, immaturity. The United States has a problem of teenage pregnancy occurring with the most occurring in the capital Washington D. Also, there are more teen mothers aged 14 to 30 who are single mothers, than those women who delay pregnancy.

Successful strategies to prevent adolescent pregnancy include community programs to improve social development, responsible sexual behavior education, and improved contraceptive counseling and delivery.

Effects of teenage pregnancy on society

How does teenage pregnancy affect girls? Children and teens should be able to approach their parents and ask for their time whenever in need. Once your daughter or son reaches the age the teen years and their hormones begin influencing their minds, they will give in and engage in sexual activities. This can cause a lot of endless problems in the life of the teen and the newborn child. The Problem of Teen Pregnancy - Did you know that 3 in 10 teen girls in the United States will get pregnant at least once before they turn 20 years old. Some may say, "How did this happen? Causes In some cultures, customs and traditions lead to early marriage which would therefore lead to early pregnancy. In many situations the answer to keeping a relationship going is to have a good sex life. There are many reasons to scale down the teen pregnancy rate, and the financial costs of teens giving birth are important. The pregnancy might be planned or it might just be a huge mistake. Over the years, the numbers of teen pregnancy have indeed decreased, but in the United States alone, teen pregnancies are at an all time high. While dramatic declines among Hispanic and black teens 51 percent and 44 percent, respectively have helped reduce gaps, birth rates remain twice as high for these teens nationally compared with white teens.

Some teen pregnancies are most likely to have been result of poor understanding and absence of sexual knowledge that needs to be provided by their parents or the school authorities from early age. It can teach them lessons about life and responsibility.

There are a lot of things that can cause an unplanned teen pregnancy, such as teens experimenting with sexual encounters at a young age. This scenario is an example of one of the many situations faced by teenage parents.

Causes of teenage pregnancy

We also support girls who have already become mothers. Marriage age in South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Asia is sixteen, eighteen, and nineteen years, respectively. Some of these teens want to drop out of high school and other teens want to keep furthering their education. Pregnant girls and adolescents also face other health risks and complications due to their immature bodies. The citizens of Alabama need to join together and be knowledgeable about why our youth is at such a high risk and how it can be changed. The increase risk of health problems for both mother and baby occur during teen pregnancy. In addition, the unique risks faced by girls during emergencies increase the chances of them becoming pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is so widespread that many researchers and medical experts have tentatively begun calling it an epidemic. This sets up complications along with health problems, costs, responsible fatherhood, education, and risky behavior. Also on the site they had real local teen mothers talking to others, and answering questions.

The cycle is very likely to repeat itself over and over [2]. Though the pregnancy rates have fallen over previous years, the United States still has the highest rates than any other Western industrialized country.

effects of teenage pregnancy

There are many reasons why this should be. Coming from a mother who was pregnant at sixteen and living They are likely to be missing a father figure, leaving them with fewer role models and increased chances of confiding in other children in the same situation.

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Teenage pregnancy