Special education in arts for students with disabilities

teaching art in special education

No public school in America should deny children art or music classes. Art builds self-confidence in a way that children need. And we need not look far for modern day artists with disabilities for inspiration. I thought to myself, that speech therapist is a genius.

How do the arts help students with disabilities

But the overall push is to get rid of credentialed art teachers and use general education teachers to teach art and blend it into regular lessons. Unlocking Confidence A feeling of self-worth - the knowledge that you can do something - is a critical part of the learning process. Music therapy can be individualized to accomplish goals in fine motor skills, speech, social skills, emotional processing and memory. Here are a few of my favorites: Alonzo Clemons is a U. He followed instructions just fine and worked cooperatively with the other students. For more information, visit LD. While the most recent federal data on inclusion show most students with disabilities spend the majority of their time in general education settings, the same data show that students with significant learning needs — those with autism, intellectual disability or multiple disabilities — are included substantially less. Coleman, P.

Scientists hypothesize that music engages the mirror neuron system in the human brain, which supports development in sensory-motor integration, speech and social skills. Tony Deblois, a blind student with autism, is a pianist of musical genius.

art therapy for special needs students

Also, such art teachers could lack important skills and legitimate credentials. His outlook on the arts seems both contrived and controlling which seem contrary to what a good creative arts program should entail. Two first-of-their-kind university programs — the Berklee College of Music and Moore College of Art and Design — equip graduates with these skills; and in summerthe directors of these programs will co-facilitate a day-long convening, hosted by the Kennedy Center, that invites faculty from leading arts education programs to imagine the future of pre-service teacher training in the arts and special education.

In-service teachers can be trained in evidence-based special education practices, like differentiated instruction and Universal Design for Learning, in sessions led by master teachers who can incorporate these strategies in arts instruction.

Fall Those who have contributed to such exclusion should be held accountable for the damage they have done and continue to do. All rights reserved.

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Supporting Students With Disabilities by Preparing Arts Teachers