Research work on environmental education

Different sources of information encourage positive attitudes towards environment that could lead to particular environmental action — cognition, emotions and feelings as reported by Julie and PooleyMoira and Connorand CBD, The didactic construct ensures contemporary educational process in which all achievements of pedagogy and psychology are put into practice.

The lasting effects of introductory economics courses. These challenges are directly linked with the conservation and maintenance of the life supporting systems such as land, water, air, and biological diversity.

This program has connected students with local community to understand the various environmental problems.

list of environmental education journals

To construct productive planning methods for the increase of high-rise housing, in-depth research is needed. About seven percent said that economic profit can improve the environment and there is no option left if we need economic development. At the end of the program after one year, both experimental and control groups underwent the post-test using similar variables that were used for the pre-test.

Curriculum design and implementation The major objectives of the active EESD program was to foster the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, behaviour, attitudes and skills concerning the environment and its problems as well as to monitor their efficacy on the students.

types of research in environmental education

The journal aims to carry papers reflecting the diversity of environmental education practice in southern Africa.

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Southern African Journal of Environmental Education