Real estate business plan in bangladesh job

Dhaka has experienced an unprecedented increase in land value since the early seventies.

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Therefore, it is quite impractical to expect the general public to do something by their own initiative unless the government comes forward. He felt that Bangladesh Bank, as with other banks, should keep the maturity pattern flexible so that the potential investors can choose the most suitable deposit plan, which may be later used for housing loan.

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The general preference of the depositors is to keep the money in the deposit for very short period though its renewal takes place on a roll over basis. What process will you use to review your goals? The result is a potential land price bubble in this area.

Future Policy: To endeavor innovation to excel in every aspect of our operation. An extensive and multifold regulation is needed.

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Lack of green space. In most of the cases an individual or company constructs one or more buildings comprising of several apartments, which are later sold to individual purchasers. Housing is not just a means of providing square feet of floor space. Exposed gas lines inconveniently situated at the main entry, which may be dangerously hazardous. Rather, a system which is more inclusive of other aspects should be practiced. In many cases their projections go wrong because there are instances when the apartments remain vacant for months on end. The second types of development are those apartments in high-rise buildings of more than six stories. Whereas in the sixties and seventies, on an average five high rise buildings were constructed in Dhaka City, in the eighties about twenty tall buildings were constructed. Lack of proper ventilation or light in different rooms of an apartment due to improper planning of rooms. However, this will not contribute to a sustainable environment. There are both formal and informal building firms, who undertake works.

To avoid such complexities the financing organizations tend to avoid the real estate development sector and rather lend money to other sectors. Residential buildings particularly for middle class low income groups. Due to the high price of land, most of which is privately owned, it has become very difficult to include middle and low-income people in any housing scheme.

Will you ask clients for referrals or use coupons?

Real estate business plan in bangladesh job

It should also cover building regulations and related detailing of the building and also cover selection of materials. Gross density is 11,, persons per square kilometer 30,, persons per square mile. This role can be played by the Bangladesh Bank. Absence of community space or any playing area for the children. How much growth do you aim for annually? Although tall buildings are being constructed in few numbers in other cities at the country, almost all the existing and under-construction tall buildings of the country are located in the capital city. RAJUK officials in many cases illegally give permission for building of houses in exchange of bribes. The price of such apartments is presently more that Tk. The purchasers are constrained by their capacity especially because of the high cost of borrowing.

It is needed to recognize the construction industry as an important sector for national development.

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Report on Real Estate Business in Bangladesh