Publish your dissertation as a book

I have no doubt that this was because I took that time to develop the project.

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Keep footnotes and endnotes to a minimum. Depending on the subject and breadth of the topic, some proposals may develop into a full-length monograph c. Take a look at those books and see what their main selling points seem to be. My introduction and conclusion were completely new. Be original. If successful, you will be issued a contract.

If we are going to talk quantitatively, I guess I would say this: if an author wanted to play safe, she might aim to ensure that no more than one-third of her manuscript was previously published.

Again, this is not a problem per se.

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It was original. Why should you turn your dissertation into a book, you ask?

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But, it was available by the time my book came out. As such, the submission process was significantly easier; the project was accepted, a contract issued, and the completed manuscript took just three months to finish and submit.

Dissertations can run long; books are often far shorter.

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Turning Your Dissertation into a Book