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Those trustees labeled as current were serving as of You may conduct a keyword search to retrieve a listing of photographs that meet your criteria. Departmental Instructions Instructions for collecting, reviewing and approving senior theses for the University Archives are available in the upper-right of this page, under "Downloadable documents.

Trustees Minutes, This index lists the general heading, specific subject heading, and the volume and page number for topics which may be found within the first four volumes of the minutes of the Board of Trustees The Senior Thesis Collection consists of more than 63, theses and serves as an important resource for undergraduate research.

Downloadable Documents. There is some non-graduate information for individuals through the Class of Information returned will include a general description of the photograph along with pertinent details, such as dates, photographer, and image type, as well as the collection, box, and image number.

Therefore, 18th and 19th-century spelling, terms, and usage have not been altered. It also lists the number of the box in which biographical information can be found within the Undergraduate Alumni Files held at the Mudd Manuscript Library.

The site will be open to submissions beginning on March 18, This information was collected from two volumes of indices created contemporaneously with the meeting minutes.

Contains dates and type of service, and Princeton class affiliation, if applicable, for each University trustee. Since the early s, the academic departments have partnered with the University Archives to ensure that all senior theses are that are submitted for degree fulfillment are represented in the University Archives.

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Senior Thesis Submission Information for Academic Departments