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Spring Year 1. The half-hour meeting is held in October of the second year in a student's program.

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Tom's Planner dissertation template, an example of how to use our tool when. This submission should be made by the end of the Spring term.

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Authors may check the editing queue to see information about manuscripts currently in the queue. Anyhow, here are some recommendations click on the tweet to expand the entire thread.

Although the timeline to completion will vary, a general guideline is to plan for at least. You will be required to submit a report that contains the contents page for your thesis, a statement of expected contributions, achievements to date and a plan for completion of work and thesis.

Submission of.

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Year 2: September - April Complete any outstanding course requirements. Your supervisor may also ask you to attend some of the undergraduate lectures.

From how to pick your topic to how to plan your chapters or something similar?

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