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The hardest part is selecting a reflective essay topic, but once you have found a good one your words will fly from your fingers onto the page with no problem. Cooking: Do you remember the first thing you were allowed to cook?

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What makes me stand out of the crowd? Topics about Places 1. What metaphors or similes occur to me? Sometimes, it can be very helpful to reflect on an event that happens regularly like a birthday to think about that event's meaning in your life. Are there some changes I need to make? Where you work or a place where you do work at home, like an office or garage. Your favorite period. They can be provocative but their main goal is to let the reader know what they are about to read. The biggest challenge in your life. Was the altercation over when the fight was over, or did it lead to hard feelings with that person up to this day? Have you undergone any experience that has completely changed your outlook? Your favourite online spaces like social networks, websites or forums. Did you do an internship while in High School, or maybe volunteer at your local hospital. Here are some examples: In English class, you may be asked to write a reflection essay about a novel, poem, or movie so that you will understand how that piece of literature interacts with your own experiences, or to show what you've learned from it.

Go Deep To cap it all off, this essay is about an experience that you have had in your life, only you and those that shared the story with you can enhance or downplay the experience. What happened while you were there?

Was I challenged to think differently because of this experience? The moment you realized you had done a great mistake. Describe the time you tried to fix something.

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The answer can be your thesis.

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25 Reflective Essay Topics