Patellar lab report

Patellar (knee-jerk) reflex

For example, if they are tired, have a lot of energy, had coffee recently, etc. Conduction velocity is done to detect any damage or destruction of the nerve, which may be used to determine diseases of the muscle or nerve. Have the subject contract their quadriceps knee extensor muscle so you can place two on either side of the knee as shown in below. Adjust the vertical zoom on SpikeRecorder. Why do you think that is? It was hypothesized that muscle fatigue would cause a less vigorous strength in the patellar reflex, and that there would be no significant change when compared with mental distraction or simultaneous muscle stimulation. Why might this be? Reflexes can either be inborn and connected through the nervous system, have your subject sit up high so their legs are dangling. This is the same test that is done when you go to the doctor's office the doctors use it as a quick test to determine spinal pathway health - problems can be symptomatic of neuromuscular diseases. Jendrassik knee jerks had 0. We elicit a reflex using a tap to the patellar tendon. Have a lot of energy, the Backyard Brains Spike Recorder program allows you to visualize and save the data on your computer when doing experiments.

Have the subject sit on a sturdy surface high enough to allow their lower legs and feet to dangle freely. There was only one test subject used, therefore there was nothing else to compare to the reflex strength of that one person. She denies any trauma or specific instance when this started or occurred.

patellar reflex purpose

Repeat this process of determining the time of the hammer strike and reflex for a total of five stimulus, you should read this experiment first to learn about electromyography and motor units.

Also, and this is important, have your subject close their eyes or look away so that they can't anticipate the hammer. Conduction velocity refers to a test done to find out how fast electrical signals can travel through a nerve in the body.

It is through this system that controls our ability to sense, perceive, and respond to stimulus. Therefore, the experiment helped students understand how patellar reflex helps in preventing the stretching of quadriceps.

patellar hyperreflexia

Try positioning the electrodes even further onto the lateral or medial sides of the leg.

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Experiment: The Patellar Reflex and Reaction