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Weaknesses The size of our start-up is small. Try to be objective and don't let your bias toward your product affect your test subject. Despite the fact that a lot of people venture into this business daily, there is still room for more diesel suppliers because the human need for it increases on a daily basis.

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It helps to have a good grasp of the business environment in order to make smart choices about how you will compete for sales. Product is then distributed or sold through cash and carry wholesale stores to retail businesses as illustrated below. How are they priced? This should all be done before you buy an acre of land or plant a single tree. Remember that an important goal is to have repeat customers and to build loyalty. We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create automatic financials for your own business plan. What trends are important in your marketplace? This business requires that you have a dispensing truck which is quite expensive to either buy or even rent, you dispense diesel to people at their homes, offices etc. What problems is the industry experiencing: Oil qualities? To be processed at a public mill? Product Strategy The single most important thing you can do to determine the best product configuration is to do your homework. That is why I mentioned earlier that this sector is capital intensive. Answers to the following questions can help in articulating your business mission: What market need will your company address? The next supplier may offer the right level of service, though their prices are too high. In a situation where you do not have a huge capital, you could still go into the diesel business in Abuja and other industrialized areas of Nigeria, and this I think is an upside and can be used as such.

What national and international factors influence the industry? The Company Profile is a brief one or two pages description of the company you have founded or want to found.

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If you opt for the latter, however, keep in mind that you are now a marketing company, not an olive oil producer, and your sales pitch becomes more difficult. And remember, if you have decided to create and sell a retail brand, you have two types of customers: the sales channel distributor, food broker, or retail store owner ; and the end user.

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We may not be able to handle all major demands for diesel supply to corporate clients. How is it segmented by type of marketplace? If you have a good fix on what is out there the competition , what is missing what consumers may be looking for and not finding , and what your distribution options are the best channel to push your product through , you can save a lot of expensive trial and error. Create your own business plan 4. In addition to diesel supply, our services will include the servicing of diesel engines. This is also where a little market research really comes in handy. Distributors, retailers, food brokers, food lovers, restaurants, home cooks? Is it price, bottle, color of the oil, label, word of mouth, local connection? Bubble Tea has been a rapidly growing market in Asia, though it is relatively new to the United States. Cooking staple or condiment? The Company Profile is a brief one or two pages description of the company you have founded or want to found. Sales Projection We sought to find out our sale and profit potentials. While most olive oil entrepreneurs will not go to a venture capitalist, the Executive Summary would be useful for your banker or accountant.

In raw form olives to be processed at your own facility? Therefore, an oversupply of diesel products poses a threat to our business.

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