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Jane makes the friends of Helen Burns, and Ms.

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During her time at the house, she has noticed the presence of a madwoman in the attic, presumably, Grace Poole. One of them is St. But as Jane matures, her autobiography likewise takes on Victorian themes and characteristics. Having no money, she almost starves to death before being taken in by the Rivers family, who live at Moor House near a town called Morton.

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During the weeks-long house party, a man named Richard Mason shows up, and Rochester seems afraid of him. They become engaged. Finally it is too much for Mrs. Reed hates Jane and allows her son John to torment the girl. She stays there for many days. John Rivers, who is a pastor, and are inhabitants of the house. It's the day of Jane and Rochester's wedding.

John goes off to India. At Lowood, which is run by the hypocritical ogre Mr. Abroad, the British expanded into a global empire that brought wealth from colonies.

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Finally it is too much for Mrs. After this, nobody knows what to do with her, so they send her away to a religious boarding school for orphans—Lowood Institute. On the day of the marriage ceremony, the rite is broken up by the entrance of Mr. Few of these reforms came immediately for women, who had limited status in Victorian society. Don't worry, though—it's really only Jane he wants. Rochester's courtship and marriage to Bertha Mason. Other Books Related to Jane Eyre The most popular literary form in the Victorian period was the novel, and Jane Eyre illustrates many of its defining characteristics: social relevance, plain style, and the narrative of an individual's inner thoughts.

Point of View: First person. Reed for mistreating her when she was a child, goes back to take care of her dying aunt.

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Jane gets leave from Lowood and journeys to Millcote to take the position. Dum dum dummm.

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Brocklehurst — but a mixture of Christian and pagan ideas. She finds out and sees that Thornfield Hall is a ruin; it burned down last fall from a fire Bertha Mason started. John finds Jane work as the teacher of a village-school for peasant girls in that town, Morton. Finally he asks her to marry him, for the "service of God" to become a missionary with him in India. Jane Eyre is indebted to earlier Gothic novels, with its mysteries, supernatural events, and picturesque scenery. Each sister published under a masculine-sounding pseudonym based on their initials. Women, she argues, need active pursuits and intellectual stimulation, just as men do. John pressures her to reconsider his proposal, and a wavering Jane finally appeals to Heaven to show her what to do.
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