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Gandhi prepared to return to India at the end of his year-long contract until he learned, at his farewell party, of a bill before the Natal Legislative Assembly that would deprive Indians of the right to vote.

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He was a great believer in non-violence and unity of people of all religions which he followed all through his struggle for independence. Godse and a co-conspirator were executed by hanging in November He used to nurse the wounds of people with leprosy and take proper care of them. Although sentenced to a six-year imprisonment, Gandhi was released in February after appendicitis surgery. Muslim leaders left the Congress and began forming Muslim organisations. Personal Quotes 21 To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest. And, if you are unprepared, we are here for you. In , Gandhi endured the passing of his father and shortly after that the death of his young baby. Bapu was also very famous in Africa for his social works. Back in India, Gandhi became active in the struggle for Indian Independence. The general image of Gandhi, state Desai and Vahed, has been reinvented since his assassination as if he was always a saint, when in reality his life was more complex, contained inconvenient truths and was one that evolved over time. He not only worked in his own country, but travelled other countries as well and tried to ameliorate the world for good. He launched many campaigns to provide equal rights to the untouchables and improve their status in the society. He started many non-violent movements and protests against Britishers and was also imprisoned various times in his long quest of freedom. His mother Putlibai was a very devotional and generous lady.

While fighting with Britishers he took help of his great weapons like non-violence and Satyagraha movements to achieve freedom. He called upon his fellow Indians to defy the new law in a non-violent manner and suffer the punishment for doing so.

Recalling the day of their marriage, he once said, "As we didn't know much about marriage, for us it meant only wearing new clothes, eating sweets and playing with relatives.

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Investigation committees were formed by the British, which Gandhi asked Indians to boycott. He took these back to India in His worship to God was seen in his service to mankind and even when he was assassinated his last breath too enchanted the name of God. Gandhi inquired about his pay for the work. Mehtab was older in age, taller and encouraged the strictly vegetarian boy to eat meat to gain height. Every kid and children of the India know him by the name of Bapu or Father of the Nation. As you all know that we have gathered today to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi and celebrate his jayanti. Role of Non-violence in Indian Freedom Struggle The role of non-violence in the Indian freedom struggle became prominent after the involvement of Mahatma Gandhi. He started helping people of India who were humiliated and insulted by the British rule.

He was a man of ideologies and a man with great patience and courage. He started weaving cotton clothes through the use of Charakha in order to avoid the use of videshi goods and promote the use of Swadeshi goods among Indians.

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Gandhi became the first non-white lawyer to be admitted to the bar in South Africa. Jinnah began creating his independent support, and later went on to lead the demand for West and East Pakistan.

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After learning Gandhi's plans, he and other elders warned Gandhi that England would tempt him to compromise his religion, and eat and drink in Western ways. He is referred to as 'the father of the Nation' in India. He was arrested in Bombay Mumbai and was held for two years.

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