Literature review on recruitment and selection practices

Another important revelation of the recruitment and selection process within the UK job industry is the relationship between the employment graduate labor market and the higher education sector.

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In the smallest organizations recruitment may be left to individual managers. Alternatively parts of all of the process might be undertaken by either public sector employment agencies, or commercial recruitment agencies, or specialist search consultancies.

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The demand for quality graduates will remain highly competitive, and the most advantaged recruiters will be those with strong recruitment policies, coupled with exceptional training and development policies.

Face-to-face Interviews This is the most commonly used recruitment strategy among many employers in the graduate recruitment and selection process within the UK. This premise suggests that following an effective and efficient strategy in recruiting and selecting workers enables organizations to avoid undesirable costs such as high staff turnover costs, poor performance among workers, and dissatisfied customers Raybould, and Sheedy, The two-interaction, fairness, ability to fill gaps left by other forms, and the ease of validation were cited as the factors that promoted the use of interviews in the selection process Mohamed,p.

Literature review of recruitment and selection in international human resource management

More frequently whilst managing the overall recruitment exercise and the decision-making at the final stages of the selection process external service providers may undertake the more specialized aspects of the recruitment process. The final stage under the resourcing cycle is the evaluation of the entire post-selection process and conducting a reflection of the lessons learnt from the entire process and as well, suggesting future implications. Despite this scenario, management decision-makers still continue to look for opportunities. Mohamed argues that employers in the UK search for graduates, who are capable of adding value to their economic strength and well, enhance their reputation. Many things happen during this stage because the recruitment tools and strategies are applied during this stage including interviews, face-to-face meetings, and other forms of communicating the selection procedure. By selecting best candidate for the required job, the organization will get quality performance of employees. To this purpose, graduates should prepare extensively when called for interviews by being committed to the needs and requirements of the recruitment and selection process. Keenan postulates that the recruitment and selection process in the UK follows a sequential process referred to as the resourcing cycle. To that purpose, psychometric testing covers varied abilities of applicants include personality profiling, ability testing, and aptitude testing. Recruitment is considered to be a positive process as it motivates more of candidates to apply for the job.

Statistics of Variations in Recruitment and Selection methods According to survey findings undertaken to determine the causes of variations in recruitment methods used by employers in UK, each year, 91 per cent of employers and potential graduate recruits prefer the internet as the ideal method for large organizations Mohamed,p.

Moreover, organization will face less of absenteeism and employee turnover problems.

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Summary of the Review The graduate recruitment and selection process in the United Kingdom has undergone various changes over the past few decades and this is likely to bring an impact to future recruitment and selection processes.

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Literature Review: Graduate Recruitment and Selection