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He has published in the areas of consumer decision making, advertising effectiveness, and market-based organizational learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Google Scholar Anderson, James C. Google Scholar March, James G. What entrants and substitutes do new technologies enable and how can incumbents successfully defend? Special Issue Editors C. How are markets shaped by these new technologies? How to envision the longevity of new technology channels to support investment decisions? Ward, Michael D. References Achrol, Ravi S. Start-ups and incumbents alike use novel data, strategies, and business models driven by these new technologies to enter, grow, and defend markets.

Simms Jr. Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, and Control. An empirical test of this model leads the authors to conclude that a more positive learning orientation a value-based construct will directly result in increased market information generation and dissemination knowledge-based constructswhich, in turn, directly affects the degree to which an organization makes changes in its marketing strategies a behavioral construct.

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Hutt, and Peter H. We also welcome papers with a general marketing focus that span boundaries with other disciplines such as computer science, sociology, and engineering. Google Scholar Brown, Steven P. His research interests include organizational marketing and marketing channels.

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Google Scholar Argyris, Chris. Google Scholar Sinkula, James M.

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San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Stefan has won several awards, such as the Harold H. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1— Google Scholar Jaworski, Bernard J. Google Scholar ————— b. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Google Scholar ————— and Donald A. Google Scholar Norman, Richard. Google Scholar Fiol, C. Google Scholar Nystrom, P. Learning About Markets. What entrants and substitutes do new technologies enable and how can incumbents successfully defend?

Report No. Magazine, and Psychology Today.

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