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We decided on private school way before this incident; however, afterwards, it was one of the factors that reinforced our decision.

how to integrate special needs students into the classroom

That lets kids talk about how everyone learns in their own way. Those are numerous, popular, and easy to list.

teaching students with disabilities in the general education classroom

It is a disaster and is very frustrating for me. Extra accommodations, paperwork, behavior plans, health alerts, meetings, etc. The kids in that class and in other classrooms know which classes have the SPED kids and there is nothing inclusive about it.

We offer extra support for students with different learning needs. Students with disabilities challenge us to provide better ways to educate ALL kids. This is not always straightforward.

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If the teacher tries to make the class more challenging for the mainstream students, the special education students may feel singled out when their IEP exceptions become more noticeable in areas such as presentations, projects, and homework requirements.

This is key.

Teaching special needs students in the regular classroom

This is especially true when the SEN student is an only child, whose parents may be unable to fit in to the community, unless the student is in an inclusive school. You should ask. A key ingredient in the success of any inclusion program must involve addressing the social environment in the classroom. At the same time, they realize that full-time inclusion might not provide the best learning experience for the special-needs child or the other children in the class. The teacher put one gen ed kid at each table and had them help the lp kids. We are locking teachers into constrained curricula and syllabi more, not less. Those are numerous, popular, and easy to list. Students in this class learn all 4 Microsoft Office products and sit for certification exams. This community service is required by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon, which asks high-school students to do 60 hours of community service. Before this law came into effect many children with disabilities were routinely excluded from public schools. Teachers may come into the classroom to work one-on-one with a student.

The special education teacher can help all kids in an inclusion classroom, not just special education students.

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What is Inclusion? An Introduction from Special Education Guide