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Hua Hin tourist information We are sure that your stay in Hua hin will be enjoyable and trouble-free, but listed below are some useful contact details for you should things either turn sour, or you need to find some government or municipal office.

Tel Especially many cheap accommodation is concentrated in the tourist district in the city centre, and it is also the most fun place in the resort. At the entrance to the cave meets tourists flock forever hungry monkeys that you can feed bananas.

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Daytrips include visiting the surrounding countryside to ride elephants or visiting Takiab Beach, where visitors can ride horses or climb the hill to a Buddhist temple. Even on the beach, which is considered the most clean, the sand is white and very small.

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Emergency numbers are police , crime , fire. Their telephone number is A coloured marker key and easy navigation makes this Hua Hin map website stand out from the rest. There are sun loungers, parasols, cafe, water sports, and even horseback riding. TAT also maintains a presence overseas, now having 15 offices worldwide. In General, Hua hin is a good place for travelers with even the most modest, the truth will have to come here yourself, as budget permits to find likely fail. Hua Hin also features numerous world-class golf courses, several Buddhist temples, bustling local markets, outstanding restaurants serving some of the finest seafood in the Kingdom , and numerous spas and massage parlors ideal for relaxing on your Hua Hin beach holiday. In addition to this centre, a popular new night market Cicada Market — the area for walking, shopping and entertainment the time from Friday to Sunday from to

Emergency numbers are policecrimefire. All of Hua hin's well-established the title of "Royal resort", since almost a century ago the king of Thailand chose this place for the rest of the Royal family.

If you have decided to visit Hua hin, then on our website you can find the following detailed information about Hua hin:. We are still adding Hua Hin pages to the site so check back often!

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The only prerequisite for a comfortable stay here a few more reserve funds than for other coastal areas on mainland Thailand. Although in the heart of Hua hin airport is humble and accepts only the rare domestic flights arriving in Bangkok international airport to Hua hin from there you can reach 3 hours and only baht for a direct bus. The descent into the water is smooth, good for families with children. They can issue visa extensions, process 90 day reporting, issue re-entry permits and take initial long-term visa extension applications. The name Hua Hin actually means "head stone" or "stone head" in Thai it refers to the many rocks on the beach headland near the Sofitel Central. Hua Hin Immigration Office is on the left side m up the road directly next door to the 3 Girls restaurant same car park. Things to do As one of the premier tourist destinations in Thailand, Hua Hin has innumerable activities for visitors to participate in, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Hua Hin holiday. There is another category of tourists, which we would highly recommend Hua hin. Head Office. Accommodation along the beach and on the streets leading away from the sea ranges from simple guesthouses to luxury resorts, and includes some of the finest spa-retreats in the world. The cave is located 5 km from the town of Petchaburi road No. For more information, call or visit www.

Resorts near the city center cater to families with children and those looking for a little nightlife, while those farther from town are ideal for visitors looking to get away from it all or have a romantic rendezvous.

Transportation General Info. There is another category of tourists, which we would highly recommend Hua hin.

Hua hin tourist information

The largest shopping center Market Village, located in the city centre.

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