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Mine has vanished into a fog of irresponsible hipster friends.

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Unless you have been a Luddite who has lived your life at football games and sports bars, you will recognize the similarities between the Star Trek communicators and modern day cell phones. Warp drive and faster-than-light interstellar travel with theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre 's theories are mentioned. It begins with the life of Dr. The idea of exploring the influence that Star Trek had on the real world — a far less attention-grabbing idea than its title suggests which should more accurately be called How Star Trek Changed the World — seems a rather slight idea as a documentary goes. The show then examines the life of Martin Cooper , the chief engineer at Motorola , who invented the cell phone. The show then investigates the research work of Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading and considers its links with the Borg. As the show progresses, Shatner discusses how Star Trek: The Next Generation had to raise the technological threshold, as many ideas considered unimaginable in the s had become commonplace by the late '80s and early '90s. Honestly, that ballet looks awesome. You'll Have Time is one of my favorites off it McCoy 's medical scanner, which inspired numerous letters from real-world physicians inquiring about the concepts behind the device. Portable telephones are also discussed by one of their inventors, who likens Captain Kirk's communicator to a modern-day "flip phone" with voice recognition. Although it was apparently enough for Shatner to appear as host of another documentary premised around exactly the same thing with The Truth is in the Stars Steve Perlman talks about how a scene where Data was able to call up a library of all the music ever recorded inspired him to create QuickTime, which in turn led to the development of the iPod.

The best parts are when he sends his wife out as bait to draw fire, and when he spontaneously "remembers seeing" an important safe combination. And he just repeats this cycle over and over, becoming more awesome with each turn of the wheel.

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For an interactive appreciation of his talents try the William Shatner Acting Simulator. Among the fans who have been inspired by the program are Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer, who lays out the basic concepts that leads to the development of the iPod after watching Data on the Next Generation episode " A Matter of Time " scan through various orchestral pieces instantly at his fingertips. Cooper happened to be watching an episode of Star Trek one day, and was fascinated by how the communicator worked. Ersogoth For many Geeks, William Shatner is the iconic space hero. Also, if you can imagine the combination of two such towering colossi of the small screen, David Caruso actually appeared in an episode of T. Think of it as a Ben Folds record--he produced and co-wrote it--with William Shatner's voice replacing Ben Folds: how you feel about that will probably determine how you feel about Has Been. Marc D. One example is Dr. Even the second and third times were still a hoot. Things really had changed, I mean in my day Star Trek women were in short skirts, and well… I remember one girl, she was… really in a short skirt… it was… in fact you would call them panties. Marc D. The first hour of the show is dedicated solely to the original series, discussing the ideas Gene Roddenberry had about the future of space travel. Mae C. The show then examines the life of Martin Cooper , the chief engineer at Motorola , who invented the cell phone.

This brilliant sense of humor is what we get to enjoy from the very start of How William Shatner Changed the World. Shatner also states that "those pesky trekkies are everywhere in the space program," hence the name for the first Space Shuttle: Enterprise.

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He took his singing one step further and turned it into an entire persona based on making fun of himself, and Star Trek. Couldn't find it reference anywhere else on here.

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Once more, I hope that no geek really needs any introduction on what they have provided to our society.

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How William Shatner Changed The World