How to write a travel article pitch

She was happy with that and commissioned the story.

how to write a story pitch

It's one of the big marketing mistakes to sit back and wait. Most travel pieces these days have a serviceable angle, meaning that they in some way equip the audience with useful information about traveling to a particular destination without making it sound deathly boring.

Minute 3: Skim the last 3 articles like this in your target Make notes on: the word count the style is it first person? More specifically, they wondered if I could share a timeline for what goes into getting a travel story commissioned.

Hi [editor], Thanks for your email - lovely to hear from you. They kept the faith and kept on pitching.

How to write a journalism pitch

Article Words : Lyn Hughes 12 January 5 tips for pitching your article to magazines Want to get your travel article noticed by magazine editors? More like this 10 tips for writing travel articles Don't leave home without this advice How to be a travel blogger How to make your blog successful The biggest mistakes made by novice travel writers Are you guilty of them? Just as I went to pitch again, the editor changed. The days where freelance writers could target one or two magazines are long gone. That seems a bit more do-able. Are there any new national parks or long distance trails opening? Perhaps give two or three different possible treatments for the destination or theme.

How to Write a Travel Article Pitch that Sells—In 15 Minutes When it comes to pitching, I tend to read a lot more blogs, websites and books about other types of journalism—everything from business to health to international news.

It might not be true for everyone, but I feel like: Being able to let go of your pitches is a partial result of having many in circulation.

how to pitch an article to a magazine

Let me know below! You need to keep the momentum going. By waiting a while and trying again, I eventually sold them. The practicalities of freelance travel writing and organising the trip The editor was looking to run a Queensland story in the November or December issue, so ideally she wanted the trip to take place by July with my article and shoot list for a photographer filed by the end of July.

You have to give your editor time to read the email and assign the story, and to give yourself time to write it.

How to pitch an article

Now, what are you waiting for? Come up with another marketable story idea and build a distribution list around it. So how do you do it? You should be able to sum up the subject in a sentence or two. For more professional advice, consider enrolling in the MatadorU Travel Writing program. Pitching travel stories is unpredictable. She told me to let her know if I was heading anywhere. Set the clock for 15 minutes! The night train from Varanasi to Calcutta was only mildly miserable, and I found a cheap room off Sudder Street with peeling yellow wallpaper.

Pitching travel stories to editors is more successful when you find interesting, obscure facts about your destinations.

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How To Write A Travel Article Pitch That Commands An Editor’s Attention