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They chatted about the pets they've had. They stayed in the classroom with Maya and Farkle even after Cory left.

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Lucas smiled at Riley as she greeted Missy. Farkle attacks Riley for having a unicorn in her bedroom. Riley was upset when she saw Lucas and Missy together. Riley didn't refuse when Maya told her to draw Lucas. Lucas immediately volunteers to be Riley's partner for the assignment. Lucas, Riley, Farkle and Maya were all at the subway station. When Farkle reveals Riley's true feelings Lucas and Maya looked at each other. When Riley walked up to Lucas and Missy, Lucas immediately acknowledged her.

She then watches the bull riding from afar and seems to be scared when she sees Lucas fall off the bull. Lucas, along with Farkle, visited Maya's house, where they talked to Riley and Maya.

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When Farkle beeped, Riley said that she would be ready in a minute. After Maya dragged Farkle away from talking to the librarian, Lucas and Riley awkwardly stood next to each other, not knowing what to say. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. They kept smiling at each other.

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Maya encourages Lucas to go after Riley after she sees how upset he is that Riley is bonding with the new guy at the ski lodge, Evan. Lucas goes straight to Riley to ask her if he can be in the 'Matthew and Hart's Umbrella Foundation'.

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After Riley guessed correctly on a western term, Lucas smiled and said, "Not too bad city girl. This moment is also shared with him and Maya.

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‘Girl Meets World’ Love Triangle: Riley, Lucas & Maya’s Relationship