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This should lead to a pooling of budgets and other resources, and to the joint commissioning of child-centred services from providers in the community, voluntary and independent sectors. This provides a basis for deciding its priorities, profiling the use of resources budgets and the skills and time of its people and shaping its future services. A local Councillor elected representative must take the lead in the Council on services for children and young people the so called Lead Member. Improving outcomes for children and young people in each area, it was thought, would depend on effective shared analyses of local circumstances — and would be achieved by delivering integrated services, and introducing work processes that are common across partner agencies within a framework of integrated strategy and governance. At another level, it is an inescapable moral imperative intended to fuel a radical reform of public services in England. The impact of Every Child Matters certainly appears to be influential in terms of the way it has been transforming structures and processes at both the national and local levels. Clearly, these issues have put additional pressure on all staff working in schools in terms of demands of being accountable to both schools and outside agencies.

Local public services are subject to extensive programmes of legislation and guidance, which requires them to juggle competing and conflicting priorities, and: Be creative, innovative and flexible in their joint development of new ways of working with children, young people and families — but at all costs improve efficiency and avoid mistakes.

The five outcomes are universal ambitions for every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances.

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One of the key intentions has been to provide a brief overview of the main issues of the Every Child Matters agenda, an agenda profoundly influenced by a consistent failure to safeguard and protect children and young people and, therefore, promote their welfare.

The mandatory introduction of Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships EYDCP in every local authority area clearly signalled the intention of the Government to build multi-agency working relationships across the public, private and voluntary sectors that would encompass education, social care and health.

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It: … is about how local government bodies ensure that they are doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people in a timely inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner. Clearly, these issues have put additional pressure on all staff working in schools in terms of demands of being accountable to both schools and outside agencies.

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How will staff differentiate between and prioritise the circumstances, needs and behaviours of children, young people and their families? Only relates to England One immediate, practical concern is that the Children Act and Every Child Matters relate only to the local authority areas in England — no parallel legislation has been put before the Welsh or Northern Ireland Assemblies, nor the Scottish Parliament.

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Every child matters reference essay