Essay on origin of alphabets

This is the case for Vietnamese a true alphabet and Thai an abugida. Then there is Cree syllabics an abugidawhich is a fusion of Devanagari and Pitman shorthand developed by the missionary James Evans. These three differ from each other in the way they treat vowels: abjads have letters for consonants and leave most vowels unexpressed; abugidas are also consonant-based, but indicate vowels with diacritics to or a systematic graphic modification of the consonants.

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This script eventually developed into the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, which in turn was refined into the Phoenician alphabet.

By the 13th century when writing in English began to become more prominent again, the language reflected two centuries of Norman rule.

Stele of Minnakht, Chief of the Scribes c.

Essay on origin of alphabets

Names of letters The Phoenician letter names, in which each letter was associated with a word that begins with that sound acrophonycontinue to be used to varying degrees in SamaritanAramaicSyriacHebrewGreek and Arabic.

V stood for both U and V.

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The History of The English Alphabet