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Someone said that forgiveness is like they love some without liking.

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It occurs when that one important person does the unthinkable. Apart from forgiveness, you may turn into the very thing you hate—a bitter, mean-spirited offender.

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The entire plot of the play is a scheme designed by Prospero to bring his rivals to a state of regret so that he can pardon them and restore the rightful order of things to his dukedom of Milan.

Your thoughts create active echoes. If the other person wants to apologize back, it is their choice, but do not expect it. When he came home intoxicated, he was always extremely apologetic and told her that he'd never get drunk again.

This definition is a starting point in understanding reconciliation but does not address the spirit of forgiveness involved. Or made your child feel small and powerless by exacting punishment for every mistake he makes? This challenge encompasses adopting a different mindset than most of us have been taught.

Then take a mindful breath, accept that your body and mind are in this state, and look outside of yourself for a moment. Hester Prynne, the protagonist of The Scarlet Letter, is a woman of such character, that she has the capability of enduring the pain and anguish, which the scarlet letter brings to her life.

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Anger and irrational reactions will harm your relationships. She just could not forgive her husband's apologies anymore. When we have to try hard to love, this is generally a sign that we are repressing our resentments.

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Forgiveness Essay