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For decades after its independence, El Salvador experienced numerous revolutions and wars against other Central American republics. There are more possibilities in the evangelical churches for nonspecialists to rise to leadership positions. It was during this period that the first public library, school, and university were created.

Twice progressive candidates were elected president, yet due to fraudulent election procedures they were not installed in government. By the end of the s, death squads were killing about 10 people each day, and the FMLN had 6, — 8, active guerrillas and hundreds of thousands of part-time militia, supporters, and sympathizers.

Access to education corresponds to the possession of wealth, and poor families are often limited to unskilled positions in industry, agriculture, and small businesses.

el salvador history

The party has moved from the extreme right to supporting neoliberal structural adjustment policies since the war. Wounded, unable to fight and hiding in the cliffs, Alvarado sent his Spanish men on their horses to approach the Cuzcatlec to see if they would fear the horses, but they did not retreat, Alvarado recalls in his letters to Hernan Cortez.

The movie shows the world through the eyes of the El Salvadorian people during the 's, when poverty and military rule flourished over the people.

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San Salvador: Equipo Maiz, They farmed the land cooperatively, growing beans, pumpkins, chiles, avocados, elderberries, guavas, papayas, tomatoes, cocoa, cotton, tobacco, henequen, indigo, maguey, and corn. The protesters were fired upon by the police, dozens were killed and "disappeared. Judicial, electoral, and social reforms included land reform and government-financed loans for land purchases. The man is nominally the head of the household, but women, especially in poorer families, often provide economic support for their children. Amid widespread fraud, Duarte's broad-based reform movement was defeated. They are often involved in rural education, various development projects, agricultural or small business loans, technical assistance, veterinary services, and health services. The republic was formally proclaimed on January 25,

Binford, Leigh. By —nine months ahead of schedule—the military had cut personnel from a war-time high of 63, to the level of 32, required by the peace accords.

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