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Your summer merch will move faster if you remind your customers that they need it and offer some limited-time discounts to get them to buy now.

Exclusive or complementary cross-sells Cross-sells are a great way for eCommerce stores to increase their average order value by offering interesting or complementary products to buy-ready customers at the time of purchase. The bundle includes at least one high-margin product so that you can make a profit from the reduced sale price.

This is a great option and works well for many clients. One of the most powerful free offers is free shipping for online orders, as evidenced by multiple studies where respondents highlight it as the most important factor in making a purchase decision.

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Alternatively, you could work with micro influencers who have niche expertise and are trusted for their knowledge. Create an open dialogue across departments to gather all data about your customers. Those two scenarios above are not just made up.

Not in a scary, end-of-days way. Avoid adding shipping costs in the last step, make these clear and upfront prior to a customer entering the checkout process. Include a step-by-step progress bar of the checkout process, so each customer feels like they are getting closer to their destination.

And be creative. It will subtly persuade them to buy more.

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Here's 5 Smart Ways to Plan Your Ecommerce Sales Promotion