Disadvantages of sport tourism

Winter skiing became popular and is an activity of high economic value. Stay current with Sports Facilities, subscribe to our blog! Tourism has been considered as an important industry field. History of travelling 2. These apartin order to build arenas and stadiums governments have to invest millions of dollars which can be better spent on other more significant sectors such as healthcare and education which incur prosperity for the host country.

Many efforts have introduced by the governments to improve the tourism.

benefits of sports tourism

Many other studies on friendship support the health benefits of forging these ties. It makes it difficult to see a game, however, so road trips across America to watch games are very common.

While not as popular as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games are another great event where tourists from all over the world can go and support their country. The reason of LA games financial success was very simple because of the usage of existing buildings, usage of private investors money instead of taxpayers and high TV rights.

On the other hand, these types of events bring a wide array of positives too. Cultivation of Friendships Whether your sports tourism activity is local, or away from home, one of the benefits is the opportunity to forge lifelong bonds of friendships. The first and foremost advantage of hosting international events is that the host country becomes the centre of attention and these events brings prestige and honour to the country.

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Disadvantages Of Sport Tourism Free Essays