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The origin of the explanation can be found in the behavior sciences, in particular in the Social Psychology. Customer satisfaction is seen as very important in this case. In principle the technique applicable with production enterprises on the assumption that satisfaction is produced not only by the products and services of an enterprise, but also by the entire transaction process between supplier and customer.

Restaurant customer satisfaction questionnaire pdf

Research in this area, however, is still in its beginning. In summary, objective methods are not considered to be suitable for a valid and reliable measurement of customer satisfaction because of the influence of other external as well as internal factors. This procedure is characterized by verbal questioning of standardized questions to critical events of the business relationship. Since, as previously mentioned, developing a relationship with a new customer is very expensive in comparison to expanding an existing customer relationship through Cross-Selling and repetition purchases. Most methods focus on important events, though, because they are stored in memory for a longer period of time. Anderson et al. Thus, an absence of complaints cannot necessarily be attributed to satisfaction. Common event-specific methods are the Critical Incident Technique and the Frequency Relevance Analysis for Problems which will be presented in Chapter 3. The TCSI provides Taiwan with a fair and objective index for producing vital information that can help the country, industries, and companies improve competitiveness. Using a direct measurement, customers are surveyed firsthand about their satisfaction or the fulfillment of their expectations with the help of one- or multi-dimensional scales[43]. Direct Measurement Indirect measurements infer customer satisfaction from its consequences. This process can go on for years, fortifying or changing this opinion. Every aspect of the TCSI that influences overall customer satisfaction can be measured through surveys, and every construct has a cause—effect relationship with the other five constructs Fig. There is also the chance of silent customer defection.

The cycle suggests that satisfied customers tolerate higher margins that can be used to pay the employees higher salaries. In addition, several approaches examine the relationship between disconfirmation and the degree of satisfaction.

Rather, spending too much money on customer satisfaction can result in decreasing profits or even losses, when the optimal level is exceeded. Depending on the object of investigation, subjective methods are classified as either event- or attribute-specific.

This procedure is characterized by verbal questioning of standardized questions to critical events of the business relationship.

restaurant customer satisfaction questionnaire pdf
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