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India stepped up to 28th position on the government's adoption of e-payments ranking in It is also one of the best aviation management institutes in India. The banking sector of India is the hope and aspiration of millions of people in the country. Merely 4 out of the initial 12 biggest defaulters from the RBI list were resolved, while cases involving over Rs 1 lakh crore are yet to see the light of the day. Under the new rules, banks are not able to use loan restructuring schemes to delay recognizing bad debt. India's massive state banks are in trouble. VIDEO Street Signs Asia "The problem is, if they don't amend the law, which currently bars promoters [company leaders] from putting in a bid for that asset, then many of these smaller companies will have to be liquidated," Prasad said, adding that would have socioeconomic implications in terms of job losses. As a result, he said, "the overall health of the banking system will improve because the better banks will be a bigger portion of the market and the weaker banks will become a smaller portion of the market. The pitch is somewhat ready for a long innings, although there could be occasional bouncers either from the government in an election year to win votes, or a financial calamity from shores far away. In the period up to September, it was at Pradeep Gaur Mint Getty Images India's banking sector crisis has left most state lenders hamstrung with mounting levels of bad loans, investigations into fraud and restricted growth opportunities. Demand Rising incomes are expected to enhance the need for banking services in rural areas and therefore drive the growth of the sector.

In fact, the 21 state-owned banks had stressed loans of about 8. The Indian banking sector is recently now focusing on adopting an integrated approach to risk management.

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The government raised its infusion plan for to Rs , crore from Rs 65, crore but this may still fall short. Digital influence in the Indian banking sector has been growing faster due to the rising digital footprint. High net interest margins, along with low NPA levels, ensure healthy business fundamentals. RBI suggests the recapitalisation amount must be large enough relative to the total capital base to make a perceptible impact on credit growth. Jan 02, , Competition High - There are public sector banks, private sector and foreign banks along with non-banking finance companies competing in similar business segments. Private sector lenders, meanwhile, reportedly had a bad loan pile of just about 1. That's the reason why we're reasonably hopeful that

Still, there are alternative means of funding available to satisfy financing demands from companies and individuals. Also banks generally have stepped up their provision inwhich strengthens the balance sheet.

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Private sector lenders, meanwhile, reportedly had a bad loan pile of just about 1. Morgan's co-head of Asia ex Japan banks equity research, explained that the retail-focused part of the banking system will likely continue to do well given that the credit penetration in Indian households is still very low and the growing economy will create a "structural tailwind to the retail business.

Now, how quick they can take the growth path will hinge on their ability to raise capital.

current scenario of indian banking industry 2018

When a bank is placed on the PCA, its ability to lend is restricted.

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may finally put an end to India's banking woes