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This principle, which concerns the quality of life of all people, affirms an obligation of computing professionals, both individually and collectively, to use their skills for the benefit of society, its members, and the environment surrounding them.

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Their ability and commitment to act ethically is an essential aspect of the quality of the service offered to those who engage with social workers. We are a guide to the subject, responsible for creating a structured experience for the learner to navigate allowing for individual learning styles and methods to flourish.

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Confidentiality policy The confidentiality policy plays a big role in organisations as most of their service users prefer that their personal details stay private and within that care setting. Examples of harm include unjustified physical or mental injury, unjustified destruction or disclosure of information, and unjustified damage to property, reputation, and the environment. The Code is not designed to provide a detailed set of rules about how social workers should act in specific situations or practice guidance. This Code of Ethics replaces the version. Developing new ideas, inventions, creative works, and computing artifacts creates value for society, and those who expend this effort should expect to gain value from their work. Computing professionals should be honest about their qualifications, and about any limitations in their competence to complete a task. In this document you will: A explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education and training ref. This includes evaluating the work's feasibility and advisability, and making a judgment about whether the work assignment is within the professional's areas of competence.

A system being publicly accessible is not sufficient grounds on its own to imply authorization. The values of equality, tolerance, respect for others, and justice govern this principle.

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Being professionally accountable Social workers should be prepared to account for and justify their judgements and actions to people who use services, to employers and the general public. Each principle is supplemented by guidelines, which provide explanations to assist computing professionals in understanding and applying the principle.

Honesty is an essential component of trustworthiness. Upgrading skills should be an ongoing process and might include independent study, attending conferences or seminars, and other informal or formal education.

People who use social work services may be individuals children, young people or adultsfamilies or other groups or communities. Principles Challenging discrimination Social workers have a responsibility to challenge discrimination on the basis of characteristics such as ability, age, culture, gender or sex, marital status, socio-economic status, political opinions, skin colour, racial or other physical characteristics, sexual orientation or spiritual beliefs.

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Therefore, a computing professional should become conversant in the various definitions and forms of privacy and should understand the rights and responsibilities associated with the collection and use of personal information. The care value base offers guidance and sets standards in organisations. Prejudicial discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, family status, gender identity, labor union membership, military status, nationality, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, or any other inappropriate factor is an explicit violation of the Code. Leaders should take care when changing or discontinuing support for system features on which people still depend. They should work towards promoting the best interests of individuals and groups in society and the avoidance of harm. It also way to make sure that people are safe in certain environments, that they are not being discriminated against and that organisation are encouraging equality and diversity. As the level of adoption changes, the ethical responsibilities of the organization or group are likely to change as well. The retention and disposal periods for that information should be clearly defined, enforced, and communicated to data subjects. Professionals should be cognizant of any serious negative consequences affecting any stakeholder that may result from poor quality work and should resist inducements to neglect this responsibility. Identifying and developing strengths Social workers should focus on the strengths of all individuals, groups and communities and thus promote their empowerment. Social workers should recognise their own prejudices to ensure they do not discriminate against any person or group.

Educational opportunities are essential for all organization and group members. The retention and disposal periods for that information should be clearly defined, enforced, and communicated to data subjects.

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Computing professionals should be forthright about any circumstances that might lead to either real or perceived conflicts of interest or otherwise tend to undermine the independence of their judgment. Therefore, leaders should encourage full participation of computing professionals in meeting relevant social responsibilities and discourage tendencies to do otherwise.

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