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Those were the days of the great national upsurge of non-violent Non-cooperation Movement of under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

chandra shekhar azad death

When arrested, he was so young that handcuffs were too big for his wrists. When the Non-cooperation Movement was withdrawn, the revolutionary movement again flared up.

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As is believed by most of the knowledgeable revolutionary comrades of the time, Azad was betrayed by an associate who turned a traitor. It was here, in a bamboo hut plastered with mud, that Jagrani Devi gave birth to Chandrashekhar Azad on July 23, Chandrashekhar Azad was born in abysmal penury and all sorts of superstition.

chandra shekhar azad essay help

The assignment was fulfilled in letter and spirit but, alas, Azad was no more there I to guide and instruct the group further.

The name stuck from there on. His mother, Jagrani Devi Tiwariwas the third wife of Sitaram Tiwari, whose previous wives had died young. The magistrate was provoked and he sentenced him to fifteen lashes of flogging.

Pandit Sita Ram Tiwari, father of Chandrasekhar Azad, was a poor, orthodox Brahmin, who had to leave his home village Badarka in Uttar Pradesh in search of a livelihood.

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