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The two companies entered into a partnership in where the main logistics operation was transporting hamburger bun. Best global brands. The checklists are part of employee training protocols, and ensure that production is as fast and efficient as possible. Phillips, Eddie. Refrigerated and frozen foods are also checked to make certain that they do not get too warm and are not spoiled. When a customer places an order, the sandwich items are immediately Operation Management Project 2 Page 8 of 36 displayed on a computer monitor in the kitchen and a tone sounds to alert the kitchen staff. Many suppliers aid McDonalds success by supplying their raw materials efficiently and on time. The preparation time of a hamburger should not take longer than 90 seconds and only 35 seconds after the hamburger bun itself has been toasted. Some current employees describe McDonalds as the best training company in the world Phillips, Kenny. The "quality" component of the McDonald's motto is also addressed through food delivery and processing practices. A happy customer is likely to consume a product again. The current McDonalds website lets a user select any combination of menu items, place the items in the online bag, and conduct a nutritional analysis on their selections. Also included in the safety checks is the water temperature in the restroom sinks, workers must be caution because water that is too hot Operation Management Project 2 Page 12 of 36 can burn customers. Armed with the daily projected sales chart, the manager knows how to manage the production area. Often, McDonalds managers and owners use open ended questions to allow customers to expand on what they want to discuss.

Thus, the company addresses this strategic decision area of operations management through local and corporate control. The Five Ps Even though many of the quality management processes in McDonalds are done through the use of information technology, other quality management factors such as maintaining the five Ps forces People, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are essential in any business.

Volume and demand can change rapidly at a McDonald's restaurant, with peak times being lunchtime and weekends.

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As such, the restaurant has been refurbished both in the interior and exterior thereby creating a new image of high quality. The new plan will reduce spending, to enable more cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases Cantalupo 1. Also, thorough training processes ensure that all McDonalds employees have the proper knowledge to meet the corporations standards, which will in turn make their customers happy.

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The report examines the operation of managing stock, production to the sale of final products that meet the customer needs. See Appendix 6 for the full interview.

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Perhaps the failure of the McLean burger explains Operation Management Project 2 Page 23 of 36 McDonalds slow reaction to the current low carbohydrate diets. One of the ways McDonald's has responded to consumer demands is by making sure bins are not overstocked and food is fresher.

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