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But the flatbed market does not generate a lot of ink sales! Jeppe Frandsen, executive vice president industrial and production solutions, Canon Europe, confirms that medical and security products are key focus areas for the realigning company.

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Does Canon plan to launch any new products soon? As you know, I receive various reports about these countries, so I know the numbers, yet I would like to see the situation of those countries with my own eyes in order to understand the real situation. Jobzella Email Canon Inc, the Japanese multinational, is considered to be one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, photocopiers, printers, and recently, medical equipment. As a first time visitor to Poing I can say it looked very impressive, and any new visitor would get the sense of walking into a hall at a show such as Drupa to be greeted by every current Canon technology and some pretty amazing future tech running live in a production workflow environment. Morocco is a key market within CCNA as it represents one of the important economies in the region, with World Bank forecasting the economic growth will stabilize around an average of 3. The transcript for which is below, lightly edited for clarity: What is the main objective of your trip to Egypt? People pushing the barrier of what a smartphone can do — that is the audience that is hot to Canon. Speaking of the near future, the company says it has big plans next year for a 3, ph photo quality B2 inkjet production press called Voyager, and the printed samples I handled looked incredible. The company wants to be involved in every stage of the process, and believes that every image will be connected via smart devices that can capture, record, store, edit, share and print. Right now, the headquarter wants to directly communicate with customers, which means hospitals. Additionally, continue focusing energies on developing marketing in emerging countries.

At the moment the revenue from those three units is split As you know three years ago, we acquired Toshiba Medical Systems, which is a huge company in the medical equipment business, and we changed it into Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

A LED-UV curing system moves independently from the printing carriage so that the prints are instantly dry and ready for finishing or laminating. Do you have any expansion plans in the GCC region? So Canon Europe has all of this amazing new printing technology that can really help your business perform at the highest level across multiple market sectors, but how do you know where your company and its own particular service offering fits in to any of this?

Additionally, continue focusing energies on developing marketing in emerging countries.

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