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If your slides are text or graphics heavy, make sure they are readable in the smaller format.

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This is especially useful if the binder contains multiple handouts. Handle — Some portfolio-style binders feature a die cut hole or an extra strip of material in the shape of a mini handle, making the product more convenient to carry.

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Insert the presentation into the binder. Avoid Cold — Vinyl is very volatile and can crack in cold conditions.

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Concealed Rivets — Products with non-visible rivets tend to complement more elegant, refined binder designs. She has a B. Sheet protectors also allow you to keep documents within the rings of your binder without punching holes in them.

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If you are printing from a PowerPoint presentation, either print the presentation in color, or adjust the presentation to print mode so it is easy to read. Print high quality copies of your presentation. She is the author of Graduate! Insert the presentation into the binder. Printing on Inside — Printing on the inside of your binder even a solid color is a bold choice that really makes the design stand out note that this is not an option for certain types of binders. Sheet Protectors — Keep your documents safe from spills, tears, and other damage. Choose a binder with the least amount of bulk that will accommodate all the handouts and room to add additional materials, if necessary.
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