Board of studies educating rita essay

However Frank does not seem to think that this is a good change.

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Proceed They did not discriminate class or grades, meaning that anyone can access the courses they have to offer, without taking the traditional route of an A-level. Rita's main reason for trying for an education is so she can have choice, she tells Frank that everyone thinks they have choice but they all think choice is deciding what drink to have or what to wear, Rita also thought this at the very beginning of the play, now Rita knows this is not choice, choice is something that will change her life.

Board of studies educating rita essay

He uses both stagecraft and dialogue to present the changes that a person such as he and Rita can face. There is readiness from her perspective, and also that her first tutorial was meaningful to her.

That they all watch the BBC, and eat wholemeal brown bread, as opposed to the cheaper alternatives that are seen as more affordable to the working class. You know, Rita, I think — I think that like you I shall change my name: from now on I shall insist upon being known as Mary, Mary Shelley — do you understand that allusion, Rita?

This is another example of a metaphorical physical barrier that Rita faces on her quest through her studies.

She has also started using more of her scouse dialect again. Such an action again indicates her nai?? We start to see Rita, blossoming and developing throughout the play. Showing us that she has started to think for herself and not only about becoming and educated, middle class, degree holder. There are now no apostrophes in the place of her scouse slang. I think that Frank used humour in his play because it would make people understand it more and enjoy it; the play goes better as a comedy rather than a drama, people would also understand it more as a comedy and take t in better. When Trish tries to commit suicide Rita realises that she is not educated, this is because Rita thought that Trish had everything but Trish knew she didn't, Rita also realises this now. This coupled with rising tuition fees for universities, made it harder for people in the city to try and better themselves, especially the younger generation. Her development and determination is key to the plot. Also in this scene she has found a new problem, not with the door — but the window.

By sitting on the grass, this would help Rita fit into the lifestyle of a university student, that so far she has been pushed into the deep end with.

This coupled with rising tuition fees for universities, made it harder for people in the city to try and better themselves, especially the younger generation.

She is oiling the door, that gave her much difficulty to open in her first meeting. However, now much like a supernova or energy she has made a sudden change in confidence and personality; in a very short period of time.

Russell is trying to show that Rita is becoming more educated and she thinks she has become educated but she is just starting to understand everything that she has been taught, Rita also wants to be more like Frank and she thinks her new friend is the female version of Frank, Rita also thinks that she is educated because she is just like Trish the female version of Frankshe even starts to talk and act like Trish "What's wrong with your voice?

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Her real name is Susan, but Rita Mae Brown is a pornographic author, and as Rita likes her books, she laughably adopts her name and believes she is making herself seem more sophisticated, once again showing her complete misunderstanding that sexually explicit n novels are classified as good literature.

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