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Recognising Individuality Also important is not being reductive.

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The URC data is made from law enforcement agencies and include crime incidents reported to or obtained by the police. Professional Writer and Editor How to Write Without Bias Part of writing effectively is knowing and respecting your audience—all members of your audience.

Furthermore, do not use language that is demeaning or patronizing to either gender.

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Mark Mendenhall, a manager, and Linda Decker, a supervisor and mother of two, are vying for the position.

This negative connotation behind stem cellular biology is the reason I chose this topic. Supreme Court of the United States, The APA Manual of Style also recommends using emotionally neutral expressions when describing people with disabilities: a person with AIDS rather than an AIDS victim, a person with emphysema rather than a person suffering from emphysema Not: She is an excellent manager, for a woman.

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Moreover, realize that terms once considered to be accurate or acceptable may no longer be and may even be considered offensive. In her article Bias-Free Language, Rosalie Maggio tackles the problem of the heightened sensitivity in our multicultural America among minority groups who deem certain words offensive.

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Do not include superfluous information that unnecessarily differentiates between genders or calls attention to the gender or gender role of an individual. Title IX has allowed teams of girls for almost every sport as well as better opportunities for sports scholarships to college and many other privileges only given to boys for their talents in sports. He has had the physical handicap since he was five. As Hult and Huckin state: "The best rule of thumb is to call people by whatever term they prefer, just as you should pronounce their personal name however they want it pronounced. I have been asked to select the line of automobiles that should be purchased. I think that many Americans and the criminal justice system does not intentionally become prejudice or bias and many people are this way without even realizing they are or the consequences of their prejudices and biases. Before leaving work each day, the secretary should write down his most important tasks to be completed the next day. Not: They have hired more broads this year than men. An author like Jo-Ann Shelton writes history to educate people on the social history of Rome by using letters and inscriptions left from individual people, the authors of the fourth edition of A History of Rome write to educate college students on the political and economic history of Rome while occasionally discussing the culture in a traditional text-book fo For example: German people are always efficient, so they make good managers. If you consistently use examples that portray men and women in their "traditional" roles, you are reinforcing long-held stereotypes. But: She is an excellent manager. He argues that far too many people are in prison or have criminal records in this country.
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