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Aigle, D. Khakimov R. Morgan, eds.

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Beckwith, C. Rybatzki et al, eds. Bemmann, J. Brooks, T.

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Amitai, R. Address all parts of the and is too vague to count for anything. Whole paragraph address politics in bothFundamentally, the Mongols were nomadic and the Chinese and Russians sedentary. The political structures of many areas adapted and changed to the new conditions of the world. Islamic Caliphates: In the Islamic world, the states controlled by caliphs, or successors of Muhammad. Morgan, eds. The vast majority of students chose China as one of the regions to compare. Larner, J. See sample essay excerpted on p.

Becausebetween the regions. See sample essay excerpted on p. Religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism preached the equality of all believers in the eyes of God.

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