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She argues that the attack on academic writing is ''a kind of anti-intellectualism that is everywhere in the culture, a demand for things they already agree with.

The Top Screenwriting Contests.

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Joan Scott, a professor of social science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, offered a more aggressive defense. Fondrie later wrote on Twitter that despite her sentence's subject, she is "in no way anti-alternative energy". On the other hand, as a cynic once remarked, John Stuart Mill never attained Hegel's prestige because people found out what he meant. Said himself is a progenitor of a new kind of literary and cultural criticism that has frequently used difficult language. This is the real exteriority of the absolute outside: The precision of the shining of the light breaking the dark is the other-identity of the light. The journal Philosophy and Literature has taken to holding an annual Bad Writing Contest, with prizes going to the work of some of the country's top scholars. Here are some free writing contests to get started.

Graduate students and young scholars please note: many of the writers represented have worked years to attain their styles and they have been rewarded with publication in books and journal articles. Obscurity, after all, can be a notable achievement.

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Gordon Drapetomania ; presenter Malaga Baldi. Chave, writing in Art Bulletin December : To this end, I must underline the phallicism endemic to the dialectics of penetration routinely deployed in descriptions of pictorial space and the operations of spectatorship.

Leahy, writing in Foundation: Matter the Body Itself. Out of all the screenwriting contests listed, this is the only one to feature a five day writing retreat with top professional screenwriters.

We are pleased to announce winners of the third Bad Writing Contest, sponsored by the scholarly journal Philosophy and. What's more, it raises questions about the purpose of scholarship.

Just why is there is so much of what some call ''bad'' or what others call ''demanding'' writing? One of the country's most prominent literary critics, Mr. Fondrie later wrote on Twitter that despite her sentence's subject, she is "in no way anti-alternative energy".

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