An exploration of american music from the civil war

The Civil War is a moment in American history that, in many ways, was a perfect storm for the creation of music. CD, Union and Confederate armies both authorized regimental bands.

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Lockwood in December based on his experience with escaped slaves in Fort Monroe, Virginia in September of that year. As Americans faced each other in battle, the army in blue took heart from the strains of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" while soldiers in grey rallied to "Dixie. As the rest of the regiment were driving back wave after wave of Confederates, the musicians of the regiment were not just performing amputations , but doing it in a very quick manner. The most notable of these under aged musicians was John Clem , also known as "Johnny Shiloh". A History Of Musical Americanism. America's Musical Landscape. Soon, factories would be making as many as instruments daily and instrument companies found greater financial rewards. When it came to instruments that fared well on the battlefield, brass instruments were a natural choice. For example, some musicians urged a boycott of performances in South Africa as a protest against apartheid. This music embodied the despair, anger, and disappointment of young African and Latino Americans; but it also reflected their refusal to abandon their cultural and musical roots. R2

Several Confederate regimental bands included slaves, and Confederates arranged slaves to sing and dance to show how happy they were. She's never at a loss! Brown was injured and captured in the attack, convicted of treason, and was hanged on December 2, Bufkin, William Alfred.

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One example is how southerners under Union occupation would publicly sing Confederate songs in defiance of northern soldiers. Constitution declares that it is a state's right to determine whether or not it would allow slavery, the North could only try to prevent its spread to other U.

Thompson, David Bruce.

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Back and forth the musical duel went well into the evening hours. Altschuler and Summers raise important and provocative questions: was this music "revolutionary"?

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The most important use of drums was on the battlefield where they were used to communicate orders from the commanding officers and signal troop movement. The Battle Cry of Freedom was a Union favorite. The Civil War Songbook. In the military, instruments were used to give commands to soldiers in the field and also provided entertainment to help lift their spirits in camp. Wheeler, Linda. The duel finally ended when both bands struck up the tune of "Home, Sweet Home". Union soldiers frequently sang the Battle Cry of Freedom , and the Battle Hymn of the Republic was considered the north's most popular song. Once civilians heard these songs they would sing them together in public and at home with the family gathered at the piano. The Music Merchants. Herbert George, Civil War Musician. These were among the many favorite songs sung by soldiers that are still popular. Some Confederate bands were better than others and not all bands sounded that good.

Parents fretted; critics condemned; but middle-class teenagers purchased the 45 and 78 records of Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and the white singers like Elvis Presley who became idols overnight. Music has become so much a part of our culture today that it is easy to forget that it is there, but the conditions of the American Civil War created a musical environment that was distinct in time and yet still has relevance to the musical world that exists today.

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The Music and History of Our Times