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After her scheme is ruined, Mrs Danvers apparently burns Manderley to the ground, preferring to destroy it than allow Maxim to share his home with another lover and wife.

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Walter, Natasha. Du Maurier successfully rebutted the allegations. Hillis Miller, J.

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He and Rebecca had grown up together as children, causing mayhem, and he shares many of her worst traits, suggesting insanity runs in their family. Suspense builds as the narrator grows both increasingly obsessed with the beautiful first wife and insecure in her marriage.

MacDonald who alleged that du Maurier had copied her novel Blind Windows.

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She is nicknamed Danny which is derived from her last name; her first name being unknown or unimportant, but in Sally Beauman 's sequel Rebecca's Tale it was said to be Edith. Still, it is said that Daphne was haunted by the suspicion that her husband remained attracted to Ricardo. He is strongly disliked by Maxim and several other characters. Maxim, on the other hand, must own up to the consequences of his actions and stop running from the memory of what he has done. Hill, Susan. While courting her, Maxim compliments her on her "lovely and unusual name". Beginning in the present, with Manderley burned and its owners in exile, the novel creates an atmosphere of foreboding even before flashing back to the story's beginning. Born in London in , into a wealthy family, Daphne was the second of three daughters. Indeed, many of the novel's elements--the mansion consumed by fire, the romance between an older man and a younger woman, the lurking, secret-enshrouded presence of a first wife--mirror the plot elements of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre , itself a 19th-century masterpiece of gothic romance and suspense. Hill increases the limits within which she has to work by adopting and migrating nearly all the characters created in Rebecca.

The first in the series was Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trolloppe in Neither the narrator's first nor maiden name is revealed.

Belsey, Catherine.

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As the object of both love and hate, Rebecca is the only character who seems to be motivated purely by self-love in her behavior. The narrator begins to feel progressively inferior to Rebecca, despite receiving compliments from various people. In the film adaptation , her maiden name was said to be Hildreth. She was also revealed to be somewhat sadistic—Danvers tells a story of Rebecca, during her teenage years, cruelly whipping a horse until it bled. After an idyllic few scenes in Monte Carlo, we enter the sinister, supernatural atmosphere of Manderley, where the ghost of Rebecca and her living servant, Mrs. Janet Todd. This is the thread followed by Susan Hill in her sequel. She only reinforces what we already knew and, in an odd way, she makes them regress rather than move on. While courting her, Maxim compliments her on her "lovely and unusual name". For examples of contemporary reviews s

He is a wealthy widower whose wife, Rebecca, drowned in a sailboat accident. We have come through our crisis, not unscathed of course. She was cruel and manipulative, and soon after their wedding she began having numerous affairs.

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He soon becomes a good friend to the second Mrs de Winter, and helps her in the self-doubt of her inability to rule Manderley as its mistress.

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