A review of the chocolate war film adapted from robert cormiers novel

Julia Simonyan P4 Ms. I can't see this being added to anyone's all-time favorites list, so why is it so popular? I'd be lying if I said my hatred of high school didn't taint my enjoyment of this book.

This a good movie with an exciting ending and good actors. I couldn't wait to leave. Honestly, Cormier did too good a job capturing the least favorite part of my life.

Only The Goober remains Jerry's friend but does little to protect him. The screen writer changed a few things. On the other hand, the setting was pretty much what I anticipated.

It was a little too gloomy for my liking. Don't get me wrong, while I came in for my fair share of abuse in high school, I wasn't overtly targeted.

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Flag this review Nallely T Dec 08, I believe this was a good film, but compared to the book its adapted from, there are various things changed that I did not enjoy. Guthrie I thought the movie was a little boring. The ten days pass, and Jerry takes it upon himself to continue saying no to participating in the sale. It was a little too gloomy for my liking. Brother Leon was well-interpreted though in the film, you instantly hate him after seeing what he did to Bailey. At first, Jerry's refusal to cooperate with the corrupt school culture and fundraiser is seen by many classmates as heroic, but the gesture threatens Brother Leon and The Vigils' ability to coerce the student population. Eliot 's " The Love Song of J.

A few others of his have been made into movies, most notably I Am the Cheese and The Bumblebee Flies Anywaybut The Chocolate War remains a masterpiece both on the page and on the screen.

My three-star rating might've been a four. I loved and hated "The Chocolate War".

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I think they could have done better with the casting and got a better actor for Jerry and Obie.

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