A report on the book into thin air by jon krakauer

Pinterest Praise " Everest in the ""Dead Zone"" above 25, feet demands incredible self-reliance, responsible guides, supplemental oxygen and ideal weather conditions.

A report on the book into thin air by jon krakauer

Hall and Hansen get stranded. Our number one priority is getting you to the summit, no matter the risks.

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Ascending the mountain in close proximity to Hall's team was a guided expedition led by Scott Fischer, a forty-year-old American with legendary strength and drive who had climbed the peak without supplemental oxygen in The author, that crazy guy, already climbed Mount Everest for you.

They arrive jus t behind another climbing group guided by Scott Fischer. Krakauer acknowledges and apologizes for any pain or anger his book might arose in the friends and families of vi ctims, but is undeterred from detailing the events, be they heroic, selfish or tragic.

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The actual summit push is when everything begins to fall apart. Members of his group reach the top as late as pm—the turn around time is not enforced.

The trek begins in the village of Lukla, and the first stretch to Everest Base Camp is easy and pleasant.

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Hansen dies and one of Hall's Sherpas tries to rescue Hall, but cannot climb high enough. He is concerned upon learning that many of them hadn't had a chance to properly train or break in new equipment before departing on the expedition. They have been there for years. Everest, and by the s, guided expeditions to the summit became popular among amateur climbers who could afford the steep price tag. Any person who would seriously consider it is almost by definition beyond the sway of reasoned argument. In the spring of , Krakauer took an assignment from Outside magazine to report on the burgeoning industry of commercially guided, high-altitude climbing. Then, on May 10, they make their attempt for the summit. A brilliantly told story, and one that won't go begging when the year's literary honors are doled out. The intensity of the tragedy is haunting, and Krakauer's graphic writing drives it home: one survivor's face ""was hideously swollen; splotches of deep, ink-black frostbite covered his nose and cheeks. Krakauer's reporting is steady but ferocious. He has done extensive research and conducted interviews with all of the survivors, and has information that he didn't have at the time he wrote the article.
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