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We have all the answers Samira Ahmed. We want to know.

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As I say, mum and dad were not familiar with the poly technical merits of A-level resolution, but they knew the difference between pass and fail, between doing well and doing horribly. When I give career talks in schools I now always emphasise to students that it's much tougher out there. Have you found it straightforward applying to university with a BTEC? Additional Information Level 3 Entry requirements A GCSE or equivalent in Biology minimum grade — the equivalent to a grade B and Chemistry minimum grade 4 — the equivalent to a grade C or Double or Triple Science minimum grade — the equivalent to a grade B and Maths minimum grade 4 — the equivalent to grade C is strongly recommended for this course. Samira Ahmed. I'd had a bad experience on one paper. One important thing to note is a level 3 BTEC will usually only get you onto a related course at university, i. Check where your closest exam centre is. Photograph by Felix Clay.

This is an elegantly composed course reading coursework has been revived with later past paper questions. BTECs are vocational qualifications, rather than traditional academic courses.

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It's today Coursework rules are shown on the back of the Enrollment Form that all students must sign before they can begin our courses. We will send another form to you sometime during February known as the Permission Form.

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Remember to turn up at the correct time for any orals and your written exams. For these subjects only you will be an Oxford Open Learning internal exam candidate and you must book and pay for your exam with our Examination Officer, Mrs Jenny Booth jenny ool. With hindsight, the good work habits you develop studying for A-levels are a model for getting the best out of your degree and work life balance. Some institutions, such as Oxbridge, will count a BTEC towards your overall grade requirement, but will want you to have one or two A-Levels as well, even if you studied an unit course. I was delighted and I thought I'd done pretty well. You must find a local centre in the same way as any other OOL candidate, but for NEA subjects you will have to explain that they need only accept you as a transfer of entry student and not a full private candidate. Working in higher education I know that exams do matter but in the grand scheme of life, perhaps not as much as we often make out. All final coursework must be with your Oxford Open Learning tutor for authentication by 31st March. I had a re-think about the future, deciding if I really wanted to go to university. Kavitha: I think universities and employers appreciate students with a BTEC because they have so many practical skills. We don't see him open his results, but we do see him write Carli all over his exam papers — so he probably hasn't done amazingly. I do know that my parents were not au fait with the significance of the available grades. Actually, it's a curiously anti-climatic experience and you normally know more or less what you've got. No other exam board forms are required, although Oxford Open Learning will need the Permission Form see below to know where you are sitting and make any enquiries on your behalf.
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